Specify the role of students in conserving the natural resources for better future

We have only limited number of natural resource so each and everyone need to conserve it. Don't exploit natural resource. Each and every individual may need to take necessary actions to conserve the available resources for a better future. By making awareness class about the importance of natural resources student will get the clear idea about the role of natural resource in an individual life. They can pass this information with their parents as well as their family so that each and every can know the need to conserve the available resources and they may spend it wisely. As students are the future of our coming society so if they have clear knowledge about the importance of natural resources they will try to make their parent alert about the coming hazards in future if they didn't used the available resource properly.

Without knowing the significance of natural resource day by day each and every person is exploiting the resources for their personal benefits such as cutting down trees to construct buildings. There are a lot of natural disasters are occurring now days because of exploiting natural resource. It provides food and shelter to living things. There are lots of living things who resides on forest. Each and every need to know the importance of conserving natural resource if limited edition vanish it is unable for the living things to succeed. As students are the growing generation so they need to take necessary as our resources are gift of our nature. Student can conduct awareness class in their society about the consequence of exploiting resources. So that everyone should know the significance of conserving resources. Plan some activities to involve every individual in the society to take steps to conserve the resource.

Student can adopt eco friendly methods such as either by riding a bicycle or by walking they can go to school so that can reduce the pollution affecting their environment. There are lot of pollutions are happening around us so in order to control all the pollution happening our surroundings one should need to take proper steps as these pollution are caused by the activities of human beings itself. By providing proper knowledge about the harmful effects that are caused in future if they didn't take proper action each and every living creatures will going to face the consequences. By throwing wastes across the roads, dumping industrial waste on rivers, exhausting of toxic gases from vehicles are some of the causes of pollutions. As by the influence of pollution a large number of diseases are causing day by day. So try to reduce over usage of things that will affect the availability of resources. Most of the exploitation is happening because they don't have proper knowledge as not all individuals properly know the amount of resources available around tem is going to limit.

Student can practice planting of trees. They can participate in various clubs which were working to conserve the environment. Now a days from the very early class itself student are participating in planting trees at schools and they are engaged on cultivation of vegetables. By adopting such kind of awareness class at schools make the student to know the importance of resources from their younger stage itself. As tress play an important role in the ecological balance of nature. Constant expanding of temperature of the earth surface in the air as a result of activities made by human calls to the different normal disasters making unsettling influence an incredible degree to the basic existence of human and all other living creatures. With a specific end goal to adjust or biological framework, each individual need to pay or make genuine move to spare the available resource.

Now a day a large number of people are facing the problem of scarcity of water. By polluting available fresh water resources by dumping wastes human beings are destroying the resources themselves. Inured to survive and have a better future adopt some common steps by uniting all human beings together across the exploitation of resources. By using the water resources more wisely you can conserve it for your future. It is no longer able to think a situation without the availability of water. There are no livings creatures survive as all should depend upon water. So that it is not only the duty of the student to protect the resource it is the duty of every individual.

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